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Know-How In Wear Control



Wear can be described as the gradual removal of discrete particles from a surface as a result of a mechanical or chemical reaction or, simply, deterioration due to use. Wear occurs is a member of processes by a wide variety of mechanisms which may be readily visible on the surface of a component, or be in the form of some internal damage. It can be relatively abrupt or slow effecting. Most certainly, wear is devastating to industry in terms of downtime, lost production, replacement costs and labor.
There are various destructive forms of wear, namely: -

Mechanical form:
Abrasion, Impact, Erosion Cavitation, Friction

Chemical form:
Corrosion, Heat

These factors not only combine and interact in many service conditions but each of them can operate with many variations. Thus, Dura-Metal Pre-Fabricated parts, Engineering Solutions and custom alloys are designed and manufactured to provide optimum performance for precision fitting or rebuilding and hence extend the working life of thousands critical mechanical parts. This has resulted in the increase of industry productivity and profitability by the reduction of down time and spare parts inventories.