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Custom Alloy & Application Development

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Dura-Metal have the ability to offer custom alloys tailor specifically to the application and/or process require by the customer. Our rich history of research and experimentation provides the foundation for constant investigation in delivering solutions to meeting your joining and wear control requirements. If you are unsure about a precise chemical composition and application requirement –our team of metallurgists and application specialists will work with you to develop the exact chemistry with desire characteristics that suits your requirement. Our manufacturing capabilities allow us to provide custom alloys in small batches with short lead times.

The solution to a wear or joining problem requires not only the existence of reliable products, but also deep knowledge of how to apply these materials and equipment in an optimal way. Optimisation of the process parameters for a particular application is critical for success. Our team at Dura-Metal invests heavily in human capital that understands these processes and recording process steps and parameters in our data base.

Our application specialists partner you by:

  • Detailed analysis of technical requirements, actual lifetimes, maintenance measures, wear mechanisms and the tribological systems.
  • Finding and developing the best solutions using our unique knowledge data base.
  • Demonstration and training.
  • Providing welding, brazing or coating procedures, to ensure repeatable quality and success.

Hence Dura-Metal innovation and attention to detail in problem solving allows the ability to offer our customers a wide array of solutions for joining and wear control on welding, brazing, hardfacing, thermal spray and wear parts.