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Our Factor of Success


1-Quality Control

Our products are internationally known for consistent high quality. Not only do we supply certified material test certificates as per international specifications, and also because of our attention to detail and complete dedication - all products must pass our rigorous, stringent quality assurance program. Our various products are culmination of a multitude quality control steps. From purchasing of raw materials to the packaging of product prior to shipment. Dura-Metal exercise strict standards that conforms to, if not surpasses that of the industry. All our alloys and parts are manufactured using high quality, pre-tested and approved raw materials. Representative samples from each heat are retested for chemical composition, weldability / sprayability, deposit soundness and hardness. LPI tests are also performed on weld deposits. Microstructural analysis of deposits, alloy verification and mechanical testing are performed by request. That is why customers rely on our Dura-Metal products that is unsurpassed in quality for their most demanding requirements worldwide.

Dura-Metal is dedicated to achieving total customer satisfaction by committed to providing consistently high quality products and services that meet or exceed industry standards and customer expectations. Our corporate facility and service centre operates under a globally recognized ISO quality program. We are focus on continuously improving our products, processes and resources in order to remain at the forefront of competition in the field of maintenance welding, thermal spray and wear plate & wear parts.


Our team at Dura-Metal is committed to superior service for our customers. With a dedicated team of application specialists, business support executives and quality assurance representatives; we are always ready to meet your needs – whether is selecting the right application, advising you on procedures or providing the equipment and materials that suits your requirement.

Knowing our customers business – as well as they do – is the key to creating climate of confidence that leads to long term partnership. Our team are keen to acquire an in depth knowledge and understanding of your products, applications and production range to formulate the best possible solutions to support your production and maintenance needs.

Customers enjoy full support from our laboratory facilities to analyse coatings of PTA, HVOF, Flame Spray, Powder Welding and Laser Cladding. Scientific data required is then generated in order to develop solutions for specific problems.

Dura-Metal maintained the most extensive inventory in the industry. We take pride in knowing what alloys and parts our customers need and keep them in stock for delivery. We ship worldwide, small or large orders, from custom engineered products to standard production items. And in most cases, products can be delivered in one to two working day.




Innovation is nothing new to Dura-Metal Group. It has been our driving force – the key to our success and to our uniqueness. We built our international reputation on it – providing industry throughout the world with innovative solutions to the problems of maintenance, fabrication, wear and corrosion. So the challenge for our team is to ensure that we remain innovators, continually seeking new solutions, fresh ideas, better marketing concepts and improvements throughout all our organization activities.

Staying at the cutting edge of technology is an obvious area for innovation. This is why we have recently increased our financial investment in R & D to help Dura-Metal position as a market leader in protective materials technologies and services. Our R & D and affiliations are the best in the industry, and maintaining an innovative approach will be essential to meet the needs for new materials, processes and applications.


Dura-Metal provide specialized training program available globally to customers and end users. We have trained numerous technicians in the field of maintenance, repair and wear control. We offer a wide range of courses and process demonstrations. From welders to engineers, researchers and managing directors – there are no limit to the range of technical and professional people trained by Dura-Metal in all aspects of industrial cost savings, wear and corrosion, repair and preventive maintenance. Depending on your requirements, courses can comprise practical, theory or a mixture of both, and are available in a written form for several product families and technologies.

We offer in-depth plant survey where appropriate to identify your wear problems and needs. The thorough on-site study is conducted in partnership with plant engineers to analyse all aspects of the situation and develop a problem-solving strategy. We will communicate those needs and problems to our technical experts. We will work in partnership with customers and their own specialists and develop relationships and solutions which bring mutual lasting benefits.

4-Training and Application Development



In our recent surveys, customers ranked our technical support and application knowledge as one of their top reasons for doing business with us. One example is by sending our support teams to perform on site demonstrations to illustrate the best ways to use Dura-Metal equipment, rods, wires or powders. Targeted presentations on specific solutions of an industry applications open doors and product demonstrations boast our credibility with our customers, and it proved time and time again – the superior quality and performance of our products and processes.

With more than 20 years of developing solutions to industrial wear and maintenance problems throughout the world, Dura-Metal have the expertise and know how to draw upon. The technical details and cost benefits of various industries application case studies are fully documented in our data base of solutions.


Our knowledge with materials & fundamentals of wear and good contacts with industry leaders put us at the cutting edge of technology. We work with reputable international companies and R & D institutes on product applications for surface coating solutions and wear parts development.

We offer the most comprehensive range of high performance materials, components, coating technology and technical advice to support your production and maintenance needs.



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