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Clinker Cooler Plate, Blow Bar And Crusher Hammer For Cement Plant

Wear parts for the cement industry

Cement plants like quarries and mines are subjected to high wear and tear. In the production processes, from hammer crushers, bar crushers, cone crushers and jaw crushers where heavy shocks are applied. Virtually every machine is exposed to abrasion in combination with erosion, heat and impact. Blow bar and hammer crusher are subjected to high impact and abrasion. Chutes, slides, fan blades and housing, separators and cyclones, vertical and ball mills, chain conveyors and bucket elevators, clinker coolers, raw materials dryers, de-dusting and pneumatics conveyor pipelines are all exposed to continuous abrasion, often in combination with erosion or heat.

We would like to stress that practical experience has often showed that even in two identical plants, working virtually in the same operating conditions, the wear rates may be different and sometimes concentrated in different areas. Depending on cement manufacturing process ( dry, semi-wet or wet) - the wear pattern / rate can be different.

At Dura-Metal, other than supplying our regular standard products to the cement industry - joining & hardfacing consumables and DMWP wear plate. We also focus on 3 type pre-fabricated parts to assist our customers to reduce downtime and maintenance cost.  Namely :

DMG Clinker Cooler Wear Plate




  • Hot clinker falls from Kiln on the cooler plate.
  • Size of the Clinker ranges from 50 mm to 250 mm.
  • Cooler plate gets cooled and travelled to Clinker Breaker.
  • Operation subjected to impact / abrasion and high temperature oxidation.

Dura-Metal Solution and Advantage:

  • Grate made of tough metal matrix overlay with complex carbide
  • DMG Grate plates have abrasion, heat & impact resistance properties.
  • Efficiency & the life factor increases by 3 to 5 times.

DM Blow Bar



  • Lime stone boulders of the size of  1.5  to 3.0 cubic meter falls on the Blow Bars  from the height of 2 to 2.5 meter.
  • Rotor of blow bars rotate at the speed of  700 to 900 RPM.
  • Blow bars are subjected to sever Impact

Dura-Metal Solution and Advantage:

  • Dura-Metal  manufacture blow bar with tip impregnated with complex carbides composite which gives better wear & impact resistance.
  • Efficiency & the life factor increases by as much as 2 times

DM Crusher Hammer



  • A revolutionary concept of Bimetallic technology for Cement mill crusher  hammer
  • This is homogeneously fused to the component body. These carbides have a minimum hardness of up to 770 HVand can also be refined to have hardness as high as 1500 HV.

DM Crusher Hammer Advantage:

  • Highly Cost Effective.
  • Superior edge Retention & enhanced Sharpness.
  • High crushing efficiency
  • Reduce replacement and labour costs
  • Reduce down time losses

DM Welding & Thermal Spray Consumables



Cement plant manufacturing machinery and components are subjected to very high wear and tear. Dura-Metal have designed and formulated a range of high quality rebuilding, joining & hardfacing consumables / equipment for key applications like kiln repair, hardfacing on various high wear and high load components and parts dimensional restoration.

Key advantage:

  • Excellent weldabilty and build up properties
  • Good wear properties
  • High tensile strength for joining application
  • A wide range of products tailored for different applications
  • Reduces downtime and high replacement / inventory cost


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