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Tungsten Carbide Composite Rod & Floppy Rod

Tungsten carbide composite rod

W 799 Coil
W 799 Coil Plus


Dura-Metal tungsten carbide composite rod and tungsten inserts have been used and respected throughout the Oil drilling, Mining and Construction industry worldwide. Our unique manufacturing process results in the highest quality tungsten carbide composite rod and tungsten inserts available in the market. This is proven by numerous successful applications like junk mill, stabilizers, rotary shoes, reamers, washover shoes,  foundation coring, wear pads, casing window mills, liner mills, junk baskets, foundry sand mixers, construction drilling and screw feeders etc.

Our Tungsten Carbide composite rod ( Drilltech 78G & Drilltech 78G PLUS ) are well known in the drilling industry for its quality and consistency. The tungsten carbide chips are of the highest steel cutting quality. Particles are crushed, specially sorted for even grain size distribution and treated to ensure best wetting properties, both during manufacture and field application. Stringent quality control and manufacturing procedures ensure repeatability of excellent quality tungsten carbide blend in a tough resilient nickel silver matrix that holds the carbides. Drilltech tungsten carbide composite rod has excellent wear & cutting properties, weldability and low fuming during application.

Dura-Metal Tungsten Carbide Floppy Rod is an extruded oxy-acetylene rod consisting of cast tungsten carbide (W 799 Coil) or Spherical Cast Tungsten Carbide (W 799 Coil PLUS) and a hard nickel alloy matrix in coil. Both grades have extremely uniform distribution of tungsten carbide in nickel alloy matrix. Due to the shape and the hardness of the Tungsten Carbide, a much higher wear resistance is achieved. W 799 Coil and W 799 Coil Plus have excellent flow and wetting characteristic at low working temperature of around 1050ºC. And the deposition rate is 20 - 30% higher than with comparable tube metal. Multilayer crack free deposits are possible. The main applications are hardfacing and rebuilding of oilfield stabilizers and other oilfield tools where maximum protection is require.

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