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Automation Welding Cell

Dura-Metal range of machinery and equipment are well known in the market for their reliability and quality. We have designed and manufactured a wide range of semi-automated and fully automated production machinery and equipment & fixtures for welding and cladding applications. Our experienced mechatronics design engineers / technicians are trained to assist customers in their productivity and quality enhancement through innovative machinery design and implementation.

Following are some examples of our successful deployment :

  • PTA and laser Cladding work cell for Oilfield Stabilizers
  • Auto TIG work manipulator for ID and OD valve cladding for Oilfield Industry
  • Column, Boom and Positioner for valve seats / spindles cladding for Marine Industry
  • Working Handling / Cladding System for glass mould manufacturing


PTA Work Cell for Oilfield Stabilizer and Hardbanding


6-Axis CNC Based Laser Cladding System


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