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Calculating Thermal Spray Cost


The following information lists the basic data necessary to calculate the coating costs, material usage and spraying times.

This information only relates to the cost of spraying and does not include:

The cost of machining - preparation or finishing

The cost of masking for grit blasting or spraying

The cost of surface preparation

The cost of sealing

The cost equipment depreciation, Overheads etc

The above costs are based and assessed by practical engineering and accounting experience.


Calculating Sprayed Area

When estimating surface area, an allowance for loss at the edges must be made. It is good practice to add 25mm (1") to each dimension where there is an edge to compensate for this loss. This also applies when spraying a shaft, in this case, add 25mm (1") at each end.

An important factor to take into account is the normal variation in coating thickness between the thinnest spot and thickest spot. If a minimum coating thickness is specified be sure to spray the coating thick enough so that no spot will be thinner than the specified minimum.





Calculating Costs for all the Processes

Calculating coating costs can be aided by referring to the respective product data sheet on the material in question.

In general, the following procedure is:-

  1. Quantity of Material Required:
    Coverage Rate            = Kg / Sq.M / 100 microns
    Quantity                       = Coverage x Area x Thickness / 100 microns
    + 15% (or similar)        = Allowance for overspray
  2. Cost of Material:
    Cost                             = Quantity x Price
    Price                            = * / Kg
    *Cost of material is available from DURA METAL or its DISTRIBUTOR and must be periodically checked in case of metal market fluctuations.
  3. Spraying Time:
    Spray Rate                   = Kgs / Hour (Check equipment operating manual for details)
    Time                             = Quantity/Spray Rate  
  4. Labour Cost:
    Labour Rate                 = * / Hour (Estimate rate including overheads)
    Cost                             = Rate x Spraying Time
  5. Energy:
    Consumption Rate       = * / Kwh (Electricity) and / or * / Hour (Gases)
  6. Compressed Air:
    Consumption Rate         = * / Hour
    Cost                               = Rate x Spraying Time  
  7. Consumable Spares:
    Consumption Rate         = * / Kg of Material Sprayed
    Cost                               = Rate x Material Quantity
    * = Going rate at time of costing  

Note: This calculation excludes Surface Preparation. Equipment Depreciation, Component Handling, Coating finishing e.t.c