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Thermal Spray Traverse & Rotational Speed Calculations

These are dependant upon the material being sprayed, the process used and the shape of component being sprayed.
Reference should always be made to the relevant material Technical Bulletin for guidance on deposit per pass and surface Meters per Sec (feet per minute).
Traverse rate and rotational speeds may be calculated from the following formula;


* Refers to spray band width e.g Plasma = 4mm approx, Wire Flamespray = 15mm approx, Arcspray = 50mm approx and High Velocity Oxygen Fuel = 6mm approx. (Depending upon Gun set-up, spray material and distance)
Deposition rates should be approximately 0.075mm to 0.150mm (.003” to .006”) per pass for general metallic materials. However, some materials with low spray rates, especially ceramics and carbides, traverse and rotation speeds should be increased to allow a reduction per pass to between 0.00125mm to 0.050mm (.0005” to .002”) depending upon the material.