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Thermal Spray

Dura-Metal has been a prime driver in providing a range of thermal spray equipment and consumables well catered for the various industries’ needs. With strong emphasis on research, development and field testing, we have been able to deliver a wide range of high quality semi-automated and fully automated production equipment & fixtures for thermal spray applications. Well known for our reliability and quality standards, we are continually improving and developing integrated solutions on fixtures, control systems and machinery designs to meet our customers’ expectations.

In addition to our comprehensive range of equipment, Dura-Metal is highly involved in the development and production of metallic, ceramics, cermets and composites coating powders to suit industries’ applications. Using a thorough manufacturing process, quality standards are well assured from the beginning to the end processes to achieve high class of powder particles with controlled size, composition, porosity and purity. We are consistently benchmarking our high values to ensure our powders are manufactured to customers’ assurance.

Following are some typical equipment and comsumables developed and supply to the industries:

revised table-thermal-spray

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