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Two Step Fusible Powders

Water Atomized

Gas Atomized

Dura-Metal has pioneered the development of powdered metal alloys and their delivery systems for ceramic flame spray and 2 step spray & fusing process. Through years of research, development and field testing, Dura-Metal have developed a complete range of powdered alloys for wear protection of virtually all types of industrial machinery & wear components. In the manufacturing of Dura-Metal metal powder alloys, a carefully controlled atomization process is used, and quality assurance begins with the very first procedure. Each powdered metal alloy is a specialized compound which has been formulated to achieve specific performance levels. The controlled particle size of each alloy, and its chemistry, ensures effective melting during passage through the torch flame while providing high deposition efficiency and wear resistance coating. Powder particles are specially treated and are ultra clean to improve powder flow, reduce formation oxides and deposit contamination.


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