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Design & Build Thermal Spray Cell and Automation

Dura-Metal can equip a basic spray booth / work handling system to a high production thermal spray cell. Our team of experts can analyse your requirements and match them up with the proper equipment to optimize your production and enhance quality. Thermal spray automation is increasingly a necessity because of strict demands for coating consistency and the need to reduce coating cost - we are committed to providing you with a complete turnkey thermal spray solution for your specific needs. This provides us with an incomparable competitive advantage as we are able to offer the highest consumables quality in conjunction with innovative and reliable equipment range that tailored optimal solutions to individual requirement.

For precise & repeatable coatings. Dura-Metal offers :

  • Surface preparation unit
  • Automated spray cell system
  • Integrated safety system
  • Arc Spray & Flame Spray system
  • Critical orifice Plasma Spray system
  • HVOF Spray system
  • Acoustic chamber with dust collector
  • Robotics integration for cladding and thermal spray
  • Job manipulation system
  • Laboratory support
  • Operator training
  • Technology support



Contact us for more information about our design and built thermal spray cell & automation system.