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DM 3000 APS Plasma Spray System


The DM 3000 APS Plasma Spray System is designed and built using the highest quality materials and the latest technology and production methods available for consistent high quality coatings, user friendly and safe operation; such as it can safely run Hydrogen as a secondary gas. The DM 3000 APS features a built-in user-operated Safety Purge System that exceeds industry standards for the very best in safety. The purge system allows a user to power up the console in a safe condition. All of the components of the system are designed so that all electrical signals and power entering and leaving the DM 3000 APS console during purging are deactivated. This insures that a dangerous condition prior to purging does not exist; thus the DM 3000 APS system is designed with safety and ease of use in mind.

Using a PLC and touch screen control, the user can take advantage of many features that aid in the plasma spray process. The DM-1000 power supply’s amperage is closed-loop controlled by the console, which monitors the voltage at the power supply and plasma torch. Using the DM 1200 PH powder feeders, the DM 3000 console commands feeders and offers closed-loop RPM feeders. The DM 2000 Arc starter, a solid-state high frequency ignition unit which is powered by the console, requires no adjustment to operate. The DM 4000 heat exchanger, a 10 ton refrigerated chiller, is activated by and feeds its alarm directly to the DM-3000 APS console. The console also offers optional interface features to incorporate customer-supplied devices, such as booth ventilation switches, external E-Stop devices and manipulation control.

The DM 3000 APS plasma spray system is an excellent choice for consistent high quality plasma coatings.


  • Touch screen control
  • Safety purge system
  • Automatic start-up and shutdown sequences
  • Critical orifice gas control
  • Maintenance screens alarm
  • Series of built-in features to achieve high quality plasma coatings


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